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Mike Buckel’s Recollections of a Ramcharger: Racing Through the 1960s

1. Introduction: Joining the Ramchargersmike
2. 1961 Super Stock racing; Experimental Car Build-up ramchargers
3. After the Indy races; Racing a Chevy on its home turfracing
4. Trying Automaticsramchargers with automatics
5. 1962: Max Wedge, the Indy Nationals, Big Trucksindy
6. Al Eckstrand’s Last Ramchargers Racecandymatic racing car
7. Testing Tires and a New Rig testing tires
8. Match Racing the Wedges, Engine Lab, Jail1963
9. The Hemi: Elephant Risinga990 hemi
10. Drag Racing the Hemidrag racing
11. 1964 Hemi Domination candymatic
12. The First Late-Model Hemi Dragster
13. Friar Tuck and Dick Maxwell’s Max Wedge Family Carhemi-test
14. Birth of the Funny Carfunny cars
15. The Trip from Helltrip from hell
16. 1965 Fuel Injected Altered-Wheelbase Cars
Clobber Ford, Become “Funny Cars”
1965 fuelie
17. Nitro ’65wheelie
18. Big loads of nitro
19. The 1965 championships1965 nitro
20. Starting out in ’66: puzzling results1966
21. Rocket fuel, girdles, and springsRamchargers
22. Squirrely runs and a strong season finish
23. Back in the engine lab...  test cell
24. A revolutionary new body for 1967 x-ray
25. Supercharging the big Hemi67 cecil
26. At the SAE presentation, 2012
27. The 1967 racing seasonwheelie
Remembering Jim Thornton 

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