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Hyundai Elantra car reviews

The Elantra is a competent, relatively inexpensive, no-frills family car. It fits four full size people, and can deal with five in a pinch. The 140 hp engine is par for the course, and is up to the challenge of the Dodge Stratus, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry's base engines. The automatic transmission helps the engine quite a bit by downshifting as needed.

Handling is good for a car of this type, though the tires can be upgraded for those who like spirited turns. The ride is not uncomfortable, but it is biased to better handling, making it fairly firm. It does not cushion shocks or broken pavement well. Engine vibration also intrudes into an otherwise competent ride.

The interior controls are good, except for the door locks, which follow the bonehead Korean model. On the other hand child seat tether strap anchors are built in and easy to reach.

The instrument panel has a nice light amber backlighting, which is pleasant at night and preserves night vision. The headlights go off when the engine is shut. Two lights indicate when the cruise control is on, and when a speed is set.

The stereo is easy to use, and uses knobs rather than buttons to give the driver fine and fast control. The optional CD player has very good sound. A "CD IN" light tells you when a CD is already loaded.

There were well-designed, sturdy-looking cupholders up front, map pockets, and convenient places to store sunglasses and other bits, but no coin holder or rear cupholder.

The doors and trunk all feel substantial, but the interior still feels a little cheap. Given the price and the generous warranty, feeling a little cheap is certainly justified.

On the whole, the Elantra is a very good deal for people who need a larger car. It has all the power and handling most people need, with room for the family. We'll take the Elantra over the Sentra and Altima, thank you.

Comparison to the Dodge Neon

The Neon has been a moving target. The new Neon is quite large inside, as large as an Altima, with a big trunk as well. Both cars feel comparable in space, and both feel well made except for some interior parts. The Elantra has a higher-horsepower engine, but the Neon seems a little faster, and gets somewhat better mileage.

One advantage of the Elantra is its excellent warranty - the powertrain is covered for ten years or 100,000 miles. We much preferred the Neon, but everyone is different. Drive them both and then decide.

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