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2015 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram apps

The various Mopar/Chrysler apps for owners have been upgraded. Mopar was the first in the industry to launch smartphone apps for customers, for 2011 model-year cars and trucks, but these were fairly rudimentary, mainly being an on-line reference source with relatively minimal information.

Now, both iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android owners can have richer apps, with general information, service history, recall notices, and other features.

chrysler concierge

Owners can scan and identify instrument panel icons using their phones, see videos and how-to information, and log and track vehicle mileage or monitor a Mopar Vehicle Protection plan. The company can also push maintenance offers, recall alerts, and tricks and tips to customers.

not foundAn enhanced Parking Reminder feature lets owners set a pin at their parking location and a timer for the meter, and providing walking directions back. This is a nice setup but probably easier to use as part of a standalone app, due to the clunky menu system.

A new Accident Assistant, a first for automakers, lets owners create accident records, upload insurance information, and capture photos of the scene, then find a certified collision repair facility and schedule an appointment to ensure their vehicle is repaired using original equipment parts. (The Assistant also lets owners access Roadside Assistance.)

There are also dealership connections to see coupons, find dealers, schedule test drives, and get quotes.

The Apps work for various 2011-2015 model year cars and trucks, and are available in English and Spanish. The titles on the Apple Store are Chrysler Concierge (incorrectly listed in the press release as Chrysler Owner's Companion), Drive Dodge, Jeep Vehicle Owners, Ram Toolbox, and My FIAT.

We have a MoparOwnersConnect account and tried using it with the app, but it did not bring our existing cars in automatically, requesting that we either type in VINs or scan the barcodes on the cars. We tried typing in the VIN of our 2013, and it did not recognize it. Then we tried scanning it, which worked (a big labor saver on a cellphone when dealing with a long alphanumeric). However, it still did not find our car, getting the VIN right but refusing to enter it.

The app was fairly clunky to use, requiring navigation via pressing the Settings bars on the top left to move from screen to screen. It might make sense to wait for an update, though that could be another four years in the making.

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