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Vintage Rear Wheel Drive Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge Cars

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AMC, Hudson, Kaiser, Nash

AMC A comprehensive history of all AMC cars!
AMC Gremlin A detailed study of the unusually styled AMC compact car
AMC Javelin and AMX AMC's well-balanced response to the Barracuda, Mustang, and Camaro
AMC EagleOne of the first 4x4 cars
Hudson The company that merged with Nash to form AMC
Hudson Hornet The famous cars from Cars
Kaiser All the cars made by Kaiser
Nash The company that merged with Hudson to form AMC
Nash Metropolitan The little car that could

Short runs and exotics with Mopar powerplants

Consulier GTP A supercar that dominated IMSA Supercar races until it was banned - using a four-cylinder Chrysler 2.2 liter engine.
Monteverdi and Bristol Exotic cars with Chrysler drivetrains including the 440 and Hemi
Facel Vega Mopar-powered exotic car
Jensen Interceptor Mopar-powered luxury cars using a variety of V8 engines coupled to TorqueFlite automatics.
Jensen FFRevolutionary British luxury car with four wheel antilock disc brakes and the first four wheel drive system for cars — in 1966. Mopar 383 or 440 powered with Torqueflite transmissions.
Matra Rancho Based on a Chrysler Europe (SIMCA) vehicle, this was one of the first crossover SUVs
Matra Murena Sports car based on an entry-level SIMCA
Powell Sport Wagon Begun in 1954, riding a 1941 Plymouth chassis, the Powell Sport Wagon was well ahead of its time. It came with a steel body, fiberglass front, and wooden bumpers.

Specialty short-run Mopars

Charger Daytona, Superbird Take a Charger and a Belvedere, put in a racing suspension and engine, and deal with the wind, and you might just set some 200 mph speed records, and sweep NASCAR well enough to get yourself banned.
D-500 A world class racer in its time - namely, 1956-1961 - the Dodge D-500 set records across the country.
Viper The Dodge Viper, including the R/T and other special models
Plymouth Prowler The mass produced hot rod, with a full 250 hp (in later models) to put some muscle behind the image. Brief road test with quite a few technical details.

The olden days (multiple brands

Chrysler Town & Country The original Woodie! and other wagons through 1988
Dodge D Series (1930s-40s): Mostly photos of Australian models
DeSoto The complete run of the mid-tier brand.
Dodge Coronet The long-running, popular mid-sized Dodge
DeSoto Suburban Long-term review and trailing towing
Dodge Luxury Liner (1939) Special edition Dodge
Dodge Wayfarer A relatively inexpensive Dodge for the postwar years
Electrojector From 1958, the first modern electronic fuel injected cars
Maxwell Walter Chrysler took over and turned it into Chrysler and Plymouth
Wartime cars ...and automotive rationing

Chrysler cars

Also see our year by year histories (you'll find a list on the History Page.)

Town & Country The original Woodie! and other wagons through 1988
C Bodies 300, Newport, and New Yorker
Cordoba Both the B body and the J body versions of the car that became known for its fine Corinthian leather, which was insanely popular at first but ended after just a few years with surprisingly low sales
M Bodies Chrysler Town & Country, New Yorker, and Fifth Avenue of the 1980s
Chrysler Newport Arguably the first Chrysler to be downsized and tread in Dodge territory, the Newport was a real success story for Chrysler but may have devalued the brand
New Yorker Brougham 1976-78 The final Imperial grille is grafted onto the existing New Yorker, and Imperial standard features become options to make one of the most luxurious Chryslers in history - for a little while.

Chrysler 300C

The first generation LX car

DeSoto cars

DeSoto The complete run of the mid-tier brand. Also see Early DeSotos and Last DeSotos
DeSoto Suburban Long-term review and trailing towing
Electrojector From 1958, the first modern electronic fuel injected cars

Dodge cars

Also see our year by year histories (you'll find a list on the History Page.)

Dodge 880 and Custom 880

Dodge downsizes the first time
1960-62 Dodge Dart Dodge downsizes the second time
C Bodies Custom 880, Polara, Monaco
M Bodies Dodge Diplomat - the popular squad car that, under the skin, was an almost untouched Aspen
1963+ Dart, Demon, Swinger, 3700GT The almost iconic car that nearly everyone over 40 has owned or driven at some point, if not in Dodge form, then in Plymouth Valiant, Barracuda, or Duster form.
Dart, Demon, and Swinger: 1963-66 | 1967-76

Dodge Aspen A complete history with technical and acceleration figures. It's a large page, even without graphics, so give it some time.
Challenger The legendary pony car and the modern Charger derivative.
Charger The legendary Dodge with the impeccable styling, best known for being on the Dukes of Hazzard.
Coronet and Super Bee The premium Dodge when first introduced, the Coronet eventually fell to the bottom of the line, and then resurfaced in the middle; in the muscle-car era it spawned the famous Dodge Charger and, later, the Super Bee, Dodge’s answer to the Road Runner.
1958 Coronet, Custom Royal The 1958 Coronet, Royal, and Custom Royal, with detailed references to each of their engines - including the D500 and 350 Super Red Ram. We also have an Australian Royal page.
Dodge Magnum The 1978-1979 Charger SE clone, or "Dodge Cordoba." Also see the 2000s station wagon Magnum.
Dodge Monaco Mike Sealey's history of the large Dodge Monaco of the 1960s and 1970s (note - we also have a page on the 1990s Monaco, which was based on the Eagle Premier). Also see our page on the Dodge Monaco squad car.
Dodge Mirada The surprisingly popular and short-lived late-70s two-door J-body.
Dodge Polara The 1960s / 1970s C-bodies described as being the height of luxury in Dodge literature
St. Regis The Dodge St. Regis as a police car.

Stealth The Mitsubishi 3000GT sports car sold with Dodge sheet metal
Dodge Charger / Charger Daytona and Dodge Challenger
  • The first generation LX cars

Imperial cars

We have three Imperial sections: one on the early (1924-1930) Imperials, one on the 1969-1973 Imperial, and one on the K-derived, final Imperial. There's also the Imperial concept car, 1957 Imperial, and the 1938 Imperial.


Also see our year by year histories (you'll find a list on the History Page.)

Valiant, Scamp, Twister, Charger, Pacer, Drifter, Ute, Lancer, Rebel

Lots of troubleshooting and "quick fix" information, as well as development stories. Heavy coverage of these vehicles outside the US - in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand - all on a separate, dedicated A-body site.
Barracuda The famous muscle car...and the earlier, partly-forgotten Eurostyle sports cars.
Belvedere We have an extensive review of the innovative and trend-setting 1955 Belvedere, and lots of information on the later years as well, through the 1970s when the Belvedere spawned the Road Runner and GTX.
C Bodies Fury and VIP (discussed along with general C-body stuff)
Duster The incredible success story — from a tiny budget to massive sales — of the 1970-76 Plymouth Duster; also covers the Volare Duster, Turismo Duster, and Sundance Duster.
Fury The year-by-year story with some pictures, specs, and stories by other owners
Gran Fury A long and detailed page covering that Volare derivative and its brethren; also see our Gran Fury/Dodge Diplomat squad car page
GTX A Belvedere option package in 1967, it had four full years as a unique model before becoming a Road Runner option package. Few were made, yet they remain a staple of car shows, thanks to their combination of luxury features with high performance.
Road Runner Beep beep! The legendary high-performance Plymouth. Take a Satellite, rip out the insulation and any other forms of weight, put in a good if bone-jarring suspension and exceedingly powerful engine, and you have a decent priced, incredibly fast car. Then simply apply the name to a Fury and a Volare...
Satellite A chronological history of the successful B-bodies.
Plymouth Volare A complete history with technical and acceleration figures. It's a large page, even without graphics, so give it some time. Some Volare Road Runner information.

Chrysler Europe, dedicated imports, and such

General pages


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