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  1. Projects, Mods, Restoration
    I now that the coronet 66-70 glass windshield in the 4doors and wagons is the same (and I think the 1966-1967 2 doors also), but I am looking a windshield gasket for my 1970 4 door coronet and I can´t find any. there are gaskets for 66,67 coronet AND 66-70 belvedere but no 68-70 coronet, but the...
  2. Cars and Parts For Sale Or Trade
    360 Engine - 727 Trans with Reverse Manual Valve Body, will chirp the tires in all gears. Trans was rebuilt in 2010. Currently out of inspection and will probably need tires. Needs the front bearings re-done. Interior is in great shape. We also have the original metal hood that goes with the...
  3. Cars and Parts For Sale Or Trade
    1970 Plum Crazy Hemi Cuda! What we have here is a superb running and driving example of that legend. To start with we want to make it clear this is an original R code Hemi Cuda however, it is not the original drive line or color. It was an original F8 Green and Automatic car. It comes with the...
1-3 of 3 Results