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  1. EEK! - Every Extended-K Car
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a full engine rebuild in my 83 LeBaron and recently I've started the very annoying task of disassembling the intake with the ungodly mikuni smog era carb on there. The motor never seemed to run funny or anything but to be fair I don't know what "Normal" is for these cars...
  2. EEK! - Every Extended-K Car
    Sorry I don't know what the technical name is but I finally started making more progress on my lebaron's electrical issues and found a hidden bundle of fusible links tucked behind the headlight and coolant bottle. I ended up finding the one that was the culprit of my problems here. I know how to...
  3. EEK! - Every Extended-K Car
    I am trying to find some replacement outer front window weatherstrips for a 1986 LeBaron convertible, I would expect that 1983-86 are the same. Out of the two cars, the wrecked 85 and the 86 they were both completely petrified.
1-4 of 4 Results