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  1. Cars and Parts For Sale Or Trade
    Used PCM from 2010 Dodge Avenger 2.4L in apparent good working condition. Was mistakenly replaced in an effort to diagnose a no-charging condition that was in reality caused by a bad overrunning clutch on the alternator. I decided to just leave the reman PCM in the car since it had the latest...
    $75 USD
  2. Minivans · Pacifica
    My 2010 Town and Country has four (4) power outlets, two (2) on the lower center dash, one (1) in the center console and one (1) behind the rear passenger on the driver side. Two of them have quite working. The top (ACC) outlet in the dash and one in the center console (BATT). The bottom one in...
1-2 of 2 Results