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  1. Rumors and General Chrysler Discussion
    The 3.6 I drive supposedly comes out with 300-305hp out the dealer right, well After the little upgrades I’ve done to my v6 (no pcm unlock and its not Tune/Supercharged) just both manifolds/throttle body/Cai/ and a exhaust mod. But I was informed on here that this engine(2018+vvt engine) IS...
  2. Compacts: Renegade, Patriot, Compass, Caliber
    I've tried finding reasons why Chrysler hasn't offered one of their Pentastar V6 engines in the Patriot, and I haven't found any. Is there an inappropriate fit? This popular suv could certainly be an even greater cash cow for FCA overall, in addition to the Jeep brand with the option to include...
1-2 of 2 Results