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  1. Projects, mods, restoration
    Good afternoon guys n gals. I've been searching for a bell housing to adapt my camper 440 to a A833 overdrive manual transmission. Well, I found a person whose got some older parts (mostly rusty from sitting it looks) and has a few Cast iron bell housings. BUT.. from the pics, it looks like...
  2. Cars and parts - sell and swap
    Beautiful 1962 Plymouth Fury 361 Golden Commando, 4 speed. This Fury is outstanding with show chrome, polished trim, perfect instrument cluster, and outstanding upholstery. Solid car, with a complete rotisserie restoration, this car is outstanding inside and out, top to bottom. This Fury is...
  3. Vans
    im looking at a 1969 a100 pickup to buy - supposed to be original but it has a 4 speed column shift ..... the only 4 speed column shift i have ever seen was on early 60s mercedes in europe while in the army-- i have asked several of my knowledgeable mopar friends about it and they all say 'yes i...
1-3 of 3 Results