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  1. Welcome to Allpar!
    Hi, my name is Greg from California. Greetings all! This is my first time here and I have a problem with my 2007 PT Cruiser 2.4 L non Turbo 4 door. Up until the other day the cooling fan worked with no problems. Then a gremlin sneaked in and now the cooling fan will not come on when the engine...
  2. PT Cruiser
    I have a 06 PT convertible with 46k. It has an intermittent issue with air not coming out of any of the vents properly. It will do this on heat or AC. It acts as if the fan is in low speed when it is on high. You can here the air pressure from the blower motor when you have it in high. After...
  3. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    2001 Sebring sedan. 2.7 DOHC I've been having intermediate problems with my A/C. In the normal mode settings, it's hit or miss on whether the air will blow cold or just blow fan air. Messing around one day, I discovered that when I am not having any luck with getting cold air in the normal...
  4. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hey everyone. I’m looking at a 66 barracuda and I live in Phoenix we’re in the summer 100+ is normal everyday so in my opinion AC is pretty important. Now I have two big options. Underdash or integrated. underdash doesn’t give me the power to dehumidify the air for a defroster. Is this necessary...
  5. Non-Mopar Tech Support
    I have a question for you AC guys. Can you charge a system in a negative pressure (in a 500 micron or less Vacuum)?
  6. Welcome to Allpar!
    Hi - looking to install air conditioning into my 66 VC valiant sedan. I thought the best place to start is to ask lots of questions and hopefully glean some advice from others who may not a lot more than me at this stage. Happy to buy a new unit but and information on what would be the best unit...
1-6 of 6 Results