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  1. PT Cruiser
    Hello, so this week I went to go replace the sway bar bushings. To sum it up its been a disaster... 3 out of 4 of the bracket bolts broke and the 4th is rounded off. So I drilled out 2 of the holes in hopes to get a bolt and nut onto it, however realized that wouldn't work because there's no...
  2. PT Cruiser
    Hi, so recently I've noticed that my shifter seems a bit loose, here is a video explaining everything. Excuse the mess in the car I went to McDonald's with some friends and am yet to clean it out lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Video Link
  3. PT Cruiser
    Hi so I have a 2004 PT Cruiser base model and I want to replace the cluster lights on it with a cool different color, I’m just not sure what size bulb to use! I’ve read online that it could be a T5 or T10, does anyone know which it is for sure? Thanks!
  4. PT Cruiser
    Hi, so I've been noticing that my 2004 PT Cruiser's muffler has been lower than usual, and today I decided to finally give her a peak, when this is what I noticed... Anyone got any advice for super cheap DIY fix for this to get it back where it should be? I don't want to get crap welded and...
  5. PT Cruiser
    Hi, this could be deja vu to a lot of members, but my coolant level just disappears. i've not noticed any leaks under the car nor have i seen steam escaping. I bought my Cruiser a few weeks ago and SORN it until the nex road tax month... I topped up all my fluid levels, the coolant bottle was...
  6. PT Cruiser
    Selling the wife's Cruiser. Red with charcoal interior. It has 128k miles. I replaced the turbo about a year ago along with the new oil feed line. It also has a replacement ECM, new radiator and heater core. Timing belt replaced at 95k. The bumpers are faded and there are a couple of "dings" in...
  7. Cars and Parts For Sale Or Trade
    Love this one-of-a-kind PT Cruiser. Well maintained. Getting an automatic so my wife can drive (this one's a five-speed). $2499 Limited edition. Custom flame paint. Leather. Power everything. 115,584
  8. PT Cruiser
    Hello. First post and probably first and last pt. It's a 2003 pt cruiser gt. 2.3 liter turbo. Recently the engine mounts dropped and the cv joints snagged and tore apart. After I finally finally figured out why I couldn't remove the cv (cause the engine was in the wrong place) I got it out and...
1-8 of 8 Results