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  1. Pre-1994 trucks, commercial vehicles
    So I have an 87 D100 that I'm wanting to do a 3in body lift (I would do a propper suspension lift but can't seem to find one online) and I just wanted to know how hard it would be to fill the bumper and exhaust gap. Thank you guys I'm new on the forum and hope to start a conversation I have...
  2. Projects, Mods, Restoration
    Hello everybody hope all is well. I’m writing a post to get your opinions on this cheap d?? I found. It’s a 1979 dodge d something (idk what the seller can’t tell me either but I believe it’s a D150) with a 318 small block a 4 speed manual transmission. The truck itself is pretty beat up but...
  3. Pre-1994 trucks, commercial vehicles
    Have 87 D100 225 slant, 180k miles, np433 4 speed trans with granny gear. Clutch was grinding a bit for a few years. Finally would not shift out of first gear one day when I went to start it. Or I should say Clutch would not disengage at all and it was stuck in first gear. Two different...
1-3 of 3 Results