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  1. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hello, everyone! I have a 2013 Dodge Journey SE with 104,000 miles on it. I just bought a new battery for my car about three months ago. It will not stay charged. If I let it sit for one day, it requires a jump to get it started again and I have to let the jumper cables sit on for a minute or...
  2. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hey guys, I have a 2013 Dodge Journey SE that seems to only overheat while idling but goes back down while on the gas and in motion. What could be the issue? I check my coolant levels everyday and they are good. Thanks for your help!
  3. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    2010 Journey 3.5 v6 r/t...alt and battery replaced in the last 6 months...still draining and after sit for a while will not soon as power is applied to the booster ports it will start..NTB has checked the battery twice and it and the alternator check good...had also checked at oreilly...
  4. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hi all, I am using dodge journey 2012 I need your help for an experimental study :) I wanted to add another FOB to my car, my 2 fobs are working perfectly fine. I wanted to activate the remote start on my car and eventually I did by adding a button on one of my keys ,reprograming the key and...
1-4 of 4 Results