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  1. Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc
    Vote for your favorite Dodge Pursuit (state agencies): . 2020 Best Looking Cruiser Contest (at )
  2. Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc
    Memo's are beginning to appear regarding some improvements to the Durango Pursuit, possibly becoming available in the mid-2020 model year. Features we are used to seeing on the Charger Pursuit, such as the column shifter, police harness, optional rubber floor, vinyl rear seat, and speed-rated...
  3. Mopar / Stellantis News
    Finally approved for FCA Fleet, and in production, the Durango Pursuit will compete with the Exploder Interceptor and Tahoe 4×4 PPV. The Durango will use much of the Charger Pursuits' police-only features and technology. At this time, it appears that the Durango Pursuit will be V8/AWD, but...
  4. Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc
    Details are still forthcoming, but if your agency is looking for a genuine high-performance Pursuit-Rated SUV, the Durango Pursuit is now an option.
1-4 of 4 Results