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  1. Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc
    Not a huge amount of info. Fleet made the anticipated changes to the Durango Pursuit this past January. Newly available features include the vinyl floor and rear seat, dedicated police wiring harnesses, and a police-specific center floor console (no column shifter yet). Braking also got an...
  2. Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc
    For 2019, FCA Fleet says there are no major changes outside of minor trim and color changes, inline with the retail cars. Charger Pursuits are still available with various upfit packages preinstalled, along with special paint options at extra cost. The 3 trim levels continue: Charger Pursuit...
  3. Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc
    Details are still forthcoming, but if your agency is looking for a genuine high-performance Pursuit-Rated SUV, the Durango Pursuit is now an option.
  4. Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc
    Chrysler Fleet is planning to release a Pursuit-Rated Durango AHB next year: "Dodge Considers Pursuit Durango Fiat Chrysler's Dodge unit brought a Dodge Durango, which could be offered as a 2019-MY pursuit vehicle if all goes according to plan. Dodge representatives attending the Michigan...
1-4 of 4 Results