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  1. A Body: Duster, Valiant, Dart, etc
    Hello all! I'm new to the forums and I'm looking forward to learning lots from all of you! I have a 1973 Valiant (Slant 6, 225) and am flummoxed by something I came across in the course of replacing my fuel pump (car's been tougher and tougher to get started... finally without starting at...
  2. PT Cruiser
    Engine Fuel Line Connector I’m nearly finished with the Great Timing Belt Adventure and have to get my hands either the connector at the engine’s fuel rail or get a whole complete line from the firewall to the fuel rail? The connector that’s needed is 5/16”x ¼”x 1-3/16”. That translates to...
  3. PT Cruiser
    I want to pass along some information I've gathered during my recent fuel pump replacement on my wife's 05 which is a non-turbo. There is a filter attached to the bottom of the fuel pump, many of us call this a "fuel sock". There is no other fuel filter in this car. There is a connector...
  4. PT Cruiser
    Fuel Pump Swap My wife’s 05 PT got flat-bedded home to me, with "no start" symptons. However it would crank the engine. There were no CEL codes! Being that she just fueled the car for this trip, lack of gas was ruled out. I checked the under hood fuse box and all fuses were good. In this Series...
1-4 of 4 Results