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  1. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hey gang. So I'm looking to replace the fuel lines on my 86 LeBaron Wagon as they are beginning to show signs of decay worth resolving before it is too late. I am wondering if any of you know of any existing part number(s) for the fuel lines and if there are any OE alternatives that you...
  2. EEK! - Every Extended-K Car
    My 1988 New Yorker has had a new Distributor, Distributor Cap, Plugs, and pkug wires, Ignition Coil, Idle Air Control Value, PCM, and fuel pump. The car attempted to start and thus revealved that the o-rings on the fuel injectors were bad, so they are replaced and the injectors seated, but it...
  3. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    He evreryone hope all is well. It's been a long time since I posted but I have done ALOT. since my last post I have replaced the :radiator, water pump, thermostat, fuel lines,fuel pump, wheel studs, u joints, transmission extension seal, wheel bearings and brake hoses. It's been quite the...
  4. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hi everyone my name is jarod and I'm 16. I'm relatively new to the world of Mopars so my question I'm about to ask is probably a dumb one. I'm working on a 1978 dodge lil red express truck with the 4bbl hi po 360 in it. Been trying to get it to start after sitting for years and trouble shot to...
  5. PT Cruiser
    Fuel Pump Swap My wife’s 05 PT got flat-bedded home to me, with "no start" symptons. However it would crank the engine. There were no CEL codes! Being that she just fueled the car for this trip, lack of gas was ruled out. I checked the under hood fuse box and all fuses were good. In this Series...
  6. A Body: Duster, Valiant, Dart, etc
    So I recently got my hands on 69 4 door Dart custom with the 273 in it. The previous owner had installed a new wiring harness from classic car wiring, the issues I can't seem to figure out are that the oil light will not go off. It will not flicker it will Just burn bright as day at all times...
  7. Daytona and Laser
    Last week I had a 50 percent drop in fuel mileage in my '86 Turbo Z. Anyone have an idea what could cause this or what/how to check for a problem? Fuel injectors? I think I smell fuel, but can not find any indications when I stop. Do have a stronger exhaust odor though?
1-7 of 7 Results