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  1. Minivans · Pacifica
    Maybe its just me, but I have now been through 3 windshields in this van, it seems excessive to me and I was wondering if this was a common occurrence, as I never had had any trouble like this in any previous vehicles, and I have owned alot of brands and types. It seems to star very easily if a...
  2. Projects, Mods, Restoration
    hey guys im pretty new to this and i need some help just resource wise, im restoring a 73 dart sedan and finding stuff for it has been a major pain in the [I should have my mouth washed out with soap for using such terms], the other part that doesnt help is that im not sure what it should be in the first place. I need help finding emblems and somewhere to...
  3. A Body: Duster, Valiant, Dart, etc
    Hello, I have a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda project, and i'm wondering about it's interior. It has no interior at all and I want to know what other years of barracuda interior will fit my car? Also what other years of glass will fit my car? It is not a fastback barracuda. If you need to know...
1-3 of 3 Results