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  1. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hi, My 2015 Charger SXT has developed a headlight failure. The right headlight will just stop working for some reason. It's been intermittent in the past, and I'd taken it to the dealership, but they couldn't get it to malfunction. Lately it's out for the count. You'd think LEDs wouldn't...
  2. Cherokee, Liberty, Nitro
    Is it normal to have condensation in the Daytime running lights of a 2018 jeep Cherokee? The service guy I dealt with told me It's normal and there is a TSB saying it's normal. This seems strange to me, as it's not in both, and I would imagine it should be a sealed system as the turn signal...
  3. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hi All, Passenger headlight went out. I changed the bulb, still out. Here's my troubleshooting list: Switched bulbs, new bulb is good. Checked fuses, both good. Changed pigtail. No idea which wires were which except ground so did it the hard way and wired it every which way possible. Bought...
  4. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Oh how I loathe the caliber. Once again I get home to an issue with my wife's caliber. At first glance not a big deal a headlight bulb and a turn signal burned. Now for the odd stuff. The car gives a message stating the right turn signal is out and it is when you use the turn signal. However...
  5. Daytona and Laser
    OK My 1988 Daytona Pacifica headlight module leaked. First it looks like honey. second it ran down the back of the stereo, then down on the carpet. What can I use to clean it? and it there any hope for the carpet? What a sticky mess it is. But the headlight still work and go up and down.
  6. EEK! - Every Extended-K Car
    My passenger side low beam headlight quit on my 1994 Spirit. Changed bulb: Still doesn't work Put new pigtail on: Still doesn't work The high beam works normally. Any help would be appreciated.
1-6 of 6 Results