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  1. Mopar / Stellantis News
    We once again had a chance to speak with a few of our contacts inside of FCA who are familiar with the Hellcat-powered Ram 1500 TRX Rebel. Last time we spoke with them, we learned that the supercharged pickup would offer somewhere in the 700-horsepower range and that it would look a great...
  2. Mopar / Stellantis News
    In the past 8 hours or so, we have been contacted by scores of readers who were elated to see that the Ram 1500 Rebel TRX Concept is listed as the one and only model in the “Upcoming Vehicles” page on To many people, seeing the Hellcat Hemi-powered pickup listed as an upcoming...
  3. Mopar / Stellantis News
    One of the most enticing trucks for Mopar fans attending the 2016 SEMA show was the Hellfire Ram 1500 from Dallas Speed Shop (DSS), shown here with director Mike White. While the wicked matte black exterior with red cues and a menacing stance is enough to draw a crowd, the real star of the show...
1-3 of 3 Results