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  1. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Pulled a junk yard cluster and trying to test if it works. Has anyone powered one of these up outside of a car before? I've got Positive 12V to the Ignition, Battery, and Illumination wires on the Red connector and Negative to Ground on the same connector. The white connector on the other side...
  2. EEK! - Every Extended-K Car
    Hey guys new poster here, so recently I purchased a 91 Chrysler imperial from a lady who said it needed a new BCM since the digital speedometer is showing but doesnt display fuel, oil pressure, voltage etc. So its basically an outline. I did lots of research and saw other who said their car had...
  3. Minivans · Pacifica
    Have an 87 Caravan. Looks like I'm going to have to replace this limiting device, which reduces from 12 Volts to 6 Volts for dimming the lights on the instrument cluster. My question is: Where is the darn thing located?? Help Appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results