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  1. Mopar / Stellantis News
    We know now that the long-awaited Jeep Wrangler pickup will make its grand debut later this month at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. We know that it will look a great deal like the JL Wrangler, except it will feature a cargo box and the overall form of a mid-sized pickup rather than the...
  2. Mopar / Stellantis News
    Brian Williams has captured another Jeep Wrangler Pickup , which we’ll go out on a limb and call the Scrambler, driving around Auburn Hills. The tailgate looks fairly traditional, killing rumors (which we hadn’t heard) that it would copy the Honda Ridgeline, a car-based pickup which is...
  3. Mopar / Stellantis News
    Allpar member “Ruptured Duck” drew this diagram of the “ JT” — the forthcoming Wrangler-based pickup . His drawing had no removable roof, just panels that can be taken out, based on input from insiders. Sources claim that the drawing is fairly accurate, particularly in the representation of...
1-3 of 3 Results