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  1. PT Cruiser
    Hello, so this week I went to go replace the sway bar bushings. To sum it up its been a disaster... 3 out of 4 of the bracket bolts broke and the 4th is rounded off. So I drilled out 2 of the holes in hopes to get a bolt and nut onto it, however realized that wouldn't work because there's no...
  2. PT Cruiser
    Hi so I've never jacked my 2004 PT cruiser before and today I need to jack it from the front. Is there a good place in the middle front to jack from? Like a crossmember or something? If thats not possible where do i jack it from one side on the front? I know in the back theres a triangle then...
  3. PT Cruiser
    Hi, so recently I've noticed that my shifter seems a bit loose, here is a video explaining everything. Excuse the mess in the car I went to McDonald's with some friends and am yet to clean it out lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Video Link
  4. PT Cruiser
    Hi so I have a 2004 PT Cruiser base model and I want to replace the cluster lights on it with a cool different color, I’m just not sure what size bulb to use! I’ve read online that it could be a T5 or T10, does anyone know which it is for sure? Thanks!
  5. PT Cruiser
    Hi, so on my 2004 PT Cruiser I’m noticing very small amounts of coolant by the belt, which is getting into the belt and making it nice and squeaky. I’m aware I may have to replace the belt now, but I want to fix the small coolant leak before that for obvious reasons. In the picture attached I...
  6. PT Cruiser
    Hi, so I've been noticing that my 2004 PT Cruiser's muffler has been lower than usual, and today I decided to finally give her a peak, when this is what I noticed... Anyone got any advice for super cheap DIY fix for this to get it back where it should be? I don't want to get crap welded and...
  7. PT Cruiser
    Hello so I just bought a 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser and it’s having this stalling issue(in the video link I showed and explained it) does anyone know what this could be? I need something to get me to school and work and any help would be much appreciated. Video link: PT Cruiser Issue.MOV
  8. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hey guys, I have a 2005 pt cruiser I had a code of P0340 which was my camshaft sensor so I replaced the sensor but my check engine light is still on? Do I need to reset my cars como system or could it be something else? All other parts of car are fine just had it smogged last week
  9. PT Cruiser
    Hey guys im new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has come across with this issue... I bought my girlfriend a 08 PT non turbo, the car has to be towed from a farm in Texas, the first issue was the timing belt broke so i replaced the whole timing kit (one of the most difficult timing belt...
  10. PT Cruiser
    I want to tow a light trailer , less than 900 lbs empty, with my '06 Touring, auto transmission. I have installed a Curt class 1 hitch which has a tongue weight of 150 lbs. Total loaded weight will be about 1200 lbs. Does anyone have experience with towing a trailer using this kind of setup?
  11. PT Cruiser
    Looking to sell. Car is in good shape but needs some work that I can't afford. If anyone would be interested please let me know and I can provide more details. thanks
1-11 of 11 Results