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  1. PT Cruiser
    Hey y’all I’ve been successful many times in removing the seats to my pt cruiser. However, this time around the lever on the side isn’t allowing me to pull the seat up. Any advice before I bring it to a dealer?
  2. Projects, Mods, Restoration
    My 16 yr old son wanted to do a father/son project, and after months of looking, we ended up with a decent looking Aspen RT with a 318. Original paint is white with blue stripes, and blue interior. Stripes are faded and cracked, paint is decent, with small dents and dings here and there...
  3. Projects, Mods, Restoration
    Hello Im from Sweden and im trying to get hold of the upholstry of foam inside the seats in the front and to the rear sofa, and also new black leather for the seat and sofa. Been looking on e-bay and diffrent places but cant find anything, so please i relly need some help. Either here or if you...
1-3 of 3 Results