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  1. Auto News & Rumors
    OMG, what a monstrosity! What is wrong with GM?
  2. Mopar / Stellantis News
    The official numbers for the first quarter are in, and Ram’s 120,026 U.S. sales easily beat the Chevrolet Silverado’s 114,313. Ah, you ask, but what about the GMC Sierra, which is really just an altered Silverado with different options?  That adds another 40,546 pickups, so that GM easily...
  3. Auto News & Rumors
    2020 Chevy Silverado HD is 910 pound-feet of ugly (at ) What is going on??? Is this for real???
  4. Auto News & Rumors
    Most of them seem to be Silverados GM to recall 1.2M pickups, SUVs for steering problem
  5. Auto News & Rumors
    I am a researcher, but I will be the first to admit that research has a time and a place. According to this article, GM based the design of the interior in upcoming Silverado on what consumers told them in clinic research. This is a trap I have seen automakers fall into over the years: when...
  6. Mopar / Stellantis News
    With pickups taking an ever-larger share of the GM, Ford, and FCA sales, and gasoline prices starting to rise, fuel efficiency has become increasingly important. Ram went with a small diesel and eight-speed automatic, then two hybrids; Ford went with aluminum, then added a diesel and ten-speed...
  7. Mopar / Stellantis News
    Ram had a good year, but how was it compared with everyone else? Let’s start with the eponymous pickup trucks, which are the vast bulk of Ram’s sales. US sales in 2017 totaled 500,723 pickups, around 11,000 more than in 2016 — a good result given that FCA’s US sales fell during the year...
  8. Mopar / Stellantis News
    Chevrolet has shown off the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500, at an event celebrating the brand centennial.  A complete re-design of the essential pickup, it includes more customer research than any past GM pickup, with feedback from over 7,000 people. Automotive News wrote that the body is likely...
1-8 of 8 Results