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  1. Mopar / Stellantis News
    I know it's the least of Dodge/Chrysler's concerns right now while they just came under Stellantis, but I was inspired to talk about this based on my love of design and color, and from taking a color theory class in early college. And also the announcement of so many dropped colors on the 2022...
  2. Rumors and General Chrysler Discussion
    Hello Moparians, so I just wanted to point out something and I was thinking about this for about a week or two ago. I was conceiving if RAM could join the military business building an army vehicle based off the RAM 1500 chassis, similar to GM Defense and their army Silverado concept. I look at...
  3. Mopar / Stellantis News
    Those just indicted are both Italian and worked for FCA in Italy. An Italian based in Auburn Hills was indicted 2 years ago in the same case.
  4. Rumors and General Chrysler Discussion
    Guessing what brands/models will survive and which ones won’t is a favorite pastime on this forum. This morning Auto News indulges: In 14-brand Stellantis, who will make the cut? My comments at this point: Sounds like PSA is going to refrain from bringing any more brands over here. That’s...
  5. Mopar / Stellantis News
    According to the Detroit free press "The companies announced Monday they've received key regulatory approvals in Europe and now aim to complete the merger Jan. 16."
  6. Mopar / Stellantis News
    FEWER BRANDS AND FEWER MODELS Fewer Brands and Fewer Models, the future of Stellantis brands. According to a new report from Automotive News Europe, production and manufacturing are being discussed and the article claims that "fewer brands" and "fewer models" are ahead. They don't give a...
  7. Mopar / Stellantis News
    While the uninspiring corporate name Stellantis has brought up numerous jokes — mostly centering around its pharmaceutics-like sound — the two groups have announced some fairly impressive technology in the works. Americans can’t buy 4xe Jeeps just yet, but FCA, on both sides of the Atlantic...
  8. Mopar / Stellantis News
    FCA didn’t offer much news during the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown, but the company has made up for the previous radio silence. First, the Dodge brand introduced the Hellcat Durango, the Challenger Redeye-based Super Stock and the long awaited Charger Redeye. Those three vehicles came together to...
1-8 of 8 Results