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  1. Projects, mods, restoration
    Hoping someone can help out with recommendation for replacing the carb on my father in law's 74 challenger. Car only gets driven a few days out of the year (if that) and runs super rough, mechanic buddy said the carb is toasted. It had a 318 motor from factory but was engine swapped by PO in the...
  2. Vans
    One of the fuel bowl wells fell off from the ThermoQuad on my '77 B200 van and hydrolocked the engine, so I'm re-gluing it with Seal All (JB Weld plastic epoxy and the like don't stand up to ethanol). In the process of re-assembly, I noticed that the previous (unknown) rebuilder used a throttle...
  3. Repairs, Maintenance, Help
    Hello, I would like to know the most common way to tune a 74 Thermoquad's mixture screws. The reason I ask, is because it seems strange to me that I'll start the procedure with the screws at 2 turns out from being closed, engine starts right up, I'll go to about 4 turns out (counterclockwise) to...
1-3 of 3 Results