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  1. Cars and Parts Wanted
    I am looking for the hose from the charge air cooler to the throttle body for a 1990 VNT will be the length I need. It is going in a K body 2.2L T2 application using a 1990/91 air inlet system. I am using a two piece intake, so am not sure that the throttle body is the same location as the one...
  2. Dakota, 1998-2013 Durango and Aspen
    Okay, so, short trips in town the truck does fine. But after I've driven around for about 30-45 minutes it starts to stall like its being starved for gas. 50% of the time if I put the pedal to the floor it'll stay in the ame gear and at the same speed, the other 50% of the time it'll upshift and...
1-2 of 2 Results