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  1. PT Cruiser
    Hey folks, I will soon (starting in the next week) be undertaking swapping a 2004 Turbo motor and transmission (and everything else needed) into my 2003 N/A PT. I am not sure if there is an extensive thread already somewhere in the forum where someone has done this but I am going to do it for...
  2. EEK! - Every Extended-K Car
    Is there an upgraded condensor that will fit these older K bodies and their descendants? I am getting ready to put mine back together soon and have figured out a way to get a bigger cooling fan system for it. I have to go to a front of the condensor mount in order to get full coverage due to the...
  3. Minivans · Pacifica
    So I have taken out all the tpms sensors from the wife's 2010 GC, way easier to replace tires and wheels going forward and YES I do check tire pressures regularly. I did what I did with my matrix and put them into a sealed tube with 1 tire valve installed so I can pressurize the sealed tube...
1-3 of 3 Results