FCA has filed for a trademark on the name “Cuda” again, bolstering rumors of a forthcoming Dodge muscle car bearing the famed Plymouth name.

The original Plymouth Barracuda was a Valiant variant, but the best-remembered Barracudas were based on a specially designed chassis, shared only with the Dodge Challenger. The ’Cuda was a high performance variant.

The ’Cuda name could be used on model cars or concept cars rather than full production cars, and the trademark has been taken out before with no actual production cars made . There have long been rumors of a Giulia variant for Dodge, a midsize car which could also be called Cuda.

The name is also trademarked for ice chests/coolers, archery bows, anesthetics, composites manufacturing, and tools. There is a trademark for ‘Cuda Brothers Preserving the Barracuda Legend, as well, which is currently live.

The current application is very recent, dating to this week. It has not yet been published for opposition. Thanks, Steven St. Laurent.