Jeep’s new ad campaign is “Legends aren’t born, they’re made,” a variation on the old (pre-Rubicon) Jeeper slogan that suggests real Jeeps have to be modified by their owners.

The slogan has to be explained, but the two starting 30-second commercials try to do just that. "Anthem" and "SUV Letters Earned" are already on television and social media.

Brand head Tim Kuniskis wrote, “Jeep SUVs are designed and engineered to go anywhere, do anything and bring you back. For Jeep, this is not a tagline. The freedom and capability to explore, whether on road or off, is the essence of the brand. It's this clarity of purpose that differentiates Jeep and the legends portrayed in this campaign.”

And now the explanations: in Anthem, the voiceover says, “Legends aren’t born, they’re made. They’re made in freezing cold…blazing heat…and knee-deep mud. It takes hours...days…years of hard work to make a legend. And this is the one we make. Built to go anywhere, do anything and bring you home. Legends aren’t born...they’re made.”

In "SUV Letters Earned," the voiceover says, “S… U… V…These letters used to mean something. Letters earned in backwoods, high hills and steep dunes. But somewhere along the way, SUVs became pretenders. Not pioneers. But you never forgot the difference. And neither did we. There are many SUVs, but there’s only one legend. Legends aren’t born, they’re made.”

The campaign will run across National, Tier II, African-American, and Hispanic media. Other spots, created with HighDive, will focus on the Jeep brand full lineup.

Jeep was the first automotive brand to be recognized as a "Cult Brand Honoree" at the annual The Gathering (Society of Cult Brands) in 2018.