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00 Dak, rusty bumper

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Have owned my flame red, 2000 dak ext cab 4x4 since new. It will pass 100k in 13, I still love it. I live in the midwest, and as I have seen on other Daks of that era, rusty rear bumpers (front as well) are a problem, mine as well. Any suggestions on where I can get quality replacements or upgrades, as have been done on Daks of later years? Repair options? So far I have tried to keep the rust to a minimum with Rustoleum Rust Restore, and patched holes with bondo. Some success, mostly not. Plan to keep this truck as long as possible. Thanks in advance.

2000 flame red Dak Sport CC
4.7. K&N, Magnaflow 3" cat back single

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sport pkg, 3.6, 8 speed
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Actually the chrome bumpers held their appearance better, longer than the painted bumpers. There are bumper 'recyclers' (Google) for less cost than new ones, although I have never used one many body shops do.
A rusty bumper can make an otherwise good-looking truck look old.
My buddy just uses an old railroad tie for his bumper. It keeps traffic at a distance.

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My dad has an 01 Dakota Sport that the bumper rusted to pieces in the Wisconsin salt.This past summer I replaced it with an aftermarket factory bumper. It was a kit, looked just like the factory. Bought it at Heard about them through a friend. I lived close enough to them to be able to pick it up. But they do ship. Had no problems putting it on, i did undercoat the back of it with multiple coats of undercoating. I noticed the other one seemed to rust from behind. He bought it new and noticed it rusting already just after the 3 year warantee was up. They also had the SLT model bumper too. I am not affiliated with them in any means, just passing on a place that i had good service and got the correct parts. Hope this helps.

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You might call some of the full-service junkyards in the Phoenix area. A lot of them do mailorder business for reasons like you're having.
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