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'02 Jeep didn't stop pulsating (brakes)....

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Got the brakes done on the Jeep last weekend since they were pulsating to a stop really bad....

When we came out the shop, it didn't seem like it was doing it anymore.

But within the first :30 of driving it seems to have come back. Not as bad as it was, but it definitely still pulsates.

New pads and new rotors (well they do look that way and that's what we paid for).

No squeak, just pulsing to a stop. Should I be concerned?

Thanks in advance.
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I would return to the shop and let them drive it with you. Sometimes pulsation gets worse as the rotors heat up.
Something still doesn't seem right. It should come to a stop smoothly.

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Makes me wonder if they tightened the lug nuts down improperly, as apparently improper tightening can cause rotor warpage. Also makes me wonder how good those rotors that they installed are.

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Thanks for all the responses. The pulasting stop did get better, but it still does do it.

I'll bring it back in.

Stay tuned for what happens.....
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