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02 Neon asphalt mini stock

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Hi all hopefully I'm posting this in the right section, I'm thinking about turning a 02 neon 5 speed into a a mini stock. What I'm wondering if anyone has done this on here with some success. Most if the cars racing there are Honda's, mustangs or cavaliers. I've always been a Dodge guy but don't really want to sink money into something that will never be a race car. Any information wold be great.
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I would think it would be a very good candidate compared to the Japanese cars. If you look at the results of the SCCA racing the Neons did before they pulled out, you would be rather amazed at what was accomplished and how the competition was given every opportunity to improve over factory design, whereas the Neon was not allowed to even compete because the factory moved the battery from the underhood to the trunk. You should do pretty well with a stripped and roll-barred 02 Neon.
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