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03 base model - water pump/timing belt replacement

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Hey yall. I was an active member on this board before my life took a wild spin. I, unfortunitly, can not remember my username nor my email addy that was used. But I am Rachelle. I have a base model 03.

My baby spilled her fluids when her water pump died...thankfully in my drive way (right as I pulled in). This happened at the end of Oct. last year. I have been saving every penny I can scrap up. Unfortunitly, I have only managed to save enough to get the parts to fix this. I am in a dire situation and I never ask for help, especially on this level. I can not afford $1000 just in labor to fix this.

A little about my situation: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and RA in 2010. I progressed very fast into my disabililty. My husband decided he did not want to care for someone who was sick and that life was about him only. He left me on the curb...literally. A "friend" took me in. I have been here since. 3 weeks after my husband left me, I was told I could no longer work due to my disability progressing so fast. I have been fighting for my social security since. My housing situation has taken a spin for the worse and it looks like I will homeless in just a matter of 3 weeks or so from today. I need my car up and running as that is more than likely where I will be living till I can secure something more permenant. I have had 8 seperate people tell me they would help me with my car....and all 8 have backed out. I know enough about cars to be dangerous but due to my illnesses, I no longer have the strength to get most of it done. I have a good idea of what needs to be done to fix this and I am more than willing and able to be right there and get dirty to the best of my abilities. I have probably most of the tools needed, other than air tools (if really needed or not).

I am looking for that one kind hearted individual out there, that still has some compassion for the greater good, that can help me to fix my baby! I am in a very tricky situation and if I can not get her fixed before my time here at this house expires... I will have to sell her...with no way to replace her for a working car. Please understand... I am not asking for money of any sort! I dont want your money! I just need a couple of hands that still work to help me fix her!
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I am not in the area, but the labor charge (10+ hrs?) is grotesque.
The 2.4L is a free-wheeling engine meaning that if the water pump or timing belt breaks, no valve-to-piston hit damage should occur. A valve-to-valve hit can possibly occur if everything comes to a stop in the 'wrong' position, but I've never seen this happen.
A timing belt and water pump replacement should be about half that labor amount.
Best of luck to you.
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