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03 GT turbo

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I was looking at an 03 GT turbo 5 speed. It has under 80,000 miles. I know the PT's are generally considered reliable, but what about the turbo models ? Do they require premium fuel. I would be considering this for daily transportation. My 12 year old Neon is not gonna make it much longer . The rust is taking its toll. Thanks .
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I have a 2005 GT Automatic that I bought new. It just turned 99K miles and it has been relatively trouble free. No problems at all with the automatic. I couldn't be more pleased with it.
It's had the following done:

-Replaced an a/c hose assy within the first year due to a leak. No charge, warranty
-Replaced radiator within a few months after the a/c hose was replaced. Also under warranty
-Had 3 of the 4 Goodyear OEM tires replaced over time due to shifted belts
-Finally replaced OEM Goodyears with Bridgstone Potenzas, but took them back off as they were very noisy.
-Replaced Bridgestones with Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S which are fantastic.
-Replaced timing belt and water pump at 90K. Done at the dealer, not warranty
-Replaced front lower control arms as bushings were wearing at 90K, not warranty
-Had trans fluid changed at 90K when other work was done, not warranty
-Replaced front brake pads at 65K. Rear pads are original as are rotors
-Replaced original battery back in Feb.


Regular oil/filter changes between 7 and 10K miles, always with Mobil 1. Car used mostly for long trips.
The car uses no oil and the oil stays relatively clean between changes.
Replaced air filter,spark plugs, etc. as recommended by manual.

That's it. The car is a tight today as when it was new. Runs like a champ.

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The car is a daily driver and typically driven moderately aggressively. Never had a trans. issue ( knock on wood ) Not sure about boost in overdrive, anytime the throttle is opened near WOT the trans. kicks down. Never had it going so fast that WOT was beyond kickdown range for the tranny. The car has been a pleasure to drive and a hoot when on boost.
The car is totally stock, no mods.
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