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03 T&C alignment question

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I have an '03 Base T&C. Bought about a year ago. Have noticed ever since I bought it that it pulls to the right and noticing tire wear on front passenger tire, both inside and outside. Took it for alignment and technician found that toe in was all that was out of spec. Tech seemed puzzled about having wear on both the inside and outside edge. Does this sound like wear that improper toe in adjustment would cause?

Since having alignment done it still pulls to left. I'm assuming this is due to tire wear. Wanting to get new tires but, want to make sure they aren't going to wear like the old ones.

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As far as I know, low inflation is the only problem that will wear both the inside and outside edges of a tire.

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The only other thing that I can think of would be a loose inner or outer tie rod end that could cause the toe to change enough to wear the tires. Any alignment specialist should check that first since any looseness would make a toe adjustment worthless because it can change the minute the vehicle starts rolling.
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