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03 town and country overheating

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My cousin's van with the 3.3 overheated on her and was spraying coolant every where. She brought it to me and we found a split in one of the cores. I replaced the radiator,upper and lower hose, thermostat and cap. It was all original so we decided to replace it all. I refilled the coolant started it up and waited for it to burp out some air before placing the cap on it. I put the cap on it and let it idle for about 10 minutes. It started to over heat. I pulled the thermostat and boiled it to make sure it opened and it did. I put it back together and drove it. The temp gauge started to rise to the 3/4 mark. I quickly drove it back and shut it off. The fans come on and seem to work well. I crawled underneath while it was running and grabbed the lower hose and it was cool to luke warm to the touch.The top hose was hot. Could the water pump be bad also ? It doesn't seem to be leaking or making any noise. She did drive it overheated. I hope she didn't damage the head or head gasket. There is no antifreeze in the oil . Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
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Glad that it's fixed. No pump-no circulation. I bet the pump went first.
I have found broken/detached plastic w/pump impellers.
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