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Zandersman1 said:
2005 GC, 3.8L, 4speed, 130k

Need to replace the lower and upper radiator hoses before a trip to a very hot part of the country. Not planning to take out the thermostat...what is a proper way to 'burp' the system of air once I refill the system with Mopar coolant?
By all means give a 130k engine a new thermostat while your servicing the cooling system. You will not enjoy the possibility of removing a failed-shut one in the middle of a trip and losing your antifreeze in the process. I had one go bad in a 90k car and almost fried the engine when the gauge pegged the dial. I didn't even have the right socket on board to remove it, so I limped from gas station to gas station putting in water trying to keep it alive. I managed to get it home with no engine damage... :scared:
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