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05 Grand Caravan 3.3L ABS issue

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Hi all, I'm a total newbie to Dodge products and have just bought an 05 Grand Caravan that has the ABS light on. The guy that I bought the van from provided me with all of his service records (bonus!) and the latest visits to his mechanic stated that the ABS issue was a fault #20 - pump circuit failure. Further investigations indicated that fuses, relays check out OK but found that there was no power to the ABS pump. Mechanic's notes mention the ABS module or power distribution box as likely culprits. I'm pretty handy with turning a wrench and maintain my own cars, so my questions to you:

1. Where can I find diagnostic/troubleshooting protocols to test these components?
2. The previous owner indicated that the ABS light came on after boosting the car, could this be related in any way?

Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated :)
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Welcome to Allpar. Factory Chrysler service manuals went paperless after 2004, but you will want a service manual on disc if you are going to do your own work.
Diagnostics is the first step. An advanced diagnostic scan tool may be necessary to run tests and get diagnostic codes from various modules.
The intelligent power distribution module (IPM) supplies power to the ABS module and also stores fault codes. The problem could be there.
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