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'06 Town & Country won't start...

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I have an '06 Town & Country, 3.3L and it won't start. Last night, it would start, run for about 2-3 seconds then stall. It did this several times, then it stopped cranking at all. It will not do a thing when the key is turned. All indicators and gauges on dash work, all accessories and lights work, battery is fully changed, all fuses and relays under hood are ok, fuel system ok, checked with scantool & no codes in PCM. Checked wiring diagram in manual and there are 2 yellow wires running into fuse box. - One yellow wire from ignition switch is hot when turning key. Other yellow wire (I'm assuming is from trans range sensor) however, is not. I suspected the trans range sensor, but the gear selector indicator on dash & reverse lights work normaly. I jumped the yellow/grey wire from starter relay to the battery with ignition on and engine cranks, so starter is ok. Spark test while cranking with ignition on showed no spark. Something appears to be disabling the ignition and starter. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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Do you have the sentry (gray) key system? If so, is there a red dot flashing in the cluster?

I've seen the sentry key module fail in these vans before causing these exact issues. Factory alarm problems can also do it. In the case of the former, the fix is to either get the dealer to replace the module and reprogram, or re-solder the board in the module. Note that the module makes extensive use of surface mount parts... best to let a professional do the work.

When my father's old 2002 Caravan did this, it could sometimes be made to work again by wiggling the wires under the dash. I did the re-soldering myself using my hot air rework station, and the van never had another problem.
Do you know where the module is located? Or better, how to bypass it all together? I don't see anything conserning the anti-theft system on my wiring schematics..
There is no seperate module - the factory antitheft is built into the computer system rather than a seperate module.
Agree. The VTSS is embedded into the PCM.
The Start/Stall symptom sounds like the security system is active. Try turning the key in the door lock cylinder to disarm it? The headlights flash and horn honks usually when the system is tripped.
It can't be bypassed. If you could then the crooks easily could.
The SKIM module is under the steering column... there's a little plastic ring attached to it that mounts around the ignition switch to pick up the info from the key.

You can't bypass either this module or any other part of the factory alarm. Also, you can't grab a replacement SKIM module at a yard, either... all the computers in that van are encoded with the VIN number right up to and including that module. The dealer has to handle it if you're unable to solder SMD parts or the re-solder fix doesn't work.
Thanks guys, I'll give it a try and let ya know what I find...
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