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07 Chrysler 300 Touring issues

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I have an 07 Chrysler 300 Touring model, that has a few issues I have been un-able to resolve. First being that at 50K, my cruise control shut off, and my ESP & Anti-lock brakes warning lites came on on the dash. I did a total inspection of the brake system, no probs at all, but these two systems are inter-linked I was told. Supposedly, this is only a milage warning circut to get me to take the car into the dealer at 50K, but I didnt, and I find this circut can only be reset with the proper computer program that Chrysler has not released to the repair shop world. Short of going to the dealer, and paying $100 or more to get this reset, anyone have a solution? I know I have NO brake probs, but no cruise is a pain. Secondly, I find in the same car, that the transmission fluid level can only be checked at the dealer, with a temp probe, as there is no way to check it otherwise, so sayeth the manual! Nor, can I add fluid, which I am pretty sure it needs. Again, I would like to remedy this issue myself too, if I could find out how.
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If the amber ESP/ABS light is on, then there is a fault code stored in the ABS module. It isn't a dealer maintenance reminder light.
The cruise control will not work as long as there is an active ESP/ABS fault code. The code may be able to be read at an auto parts store. If a more specialized scan tool is required, then you will have to visit a dealer.
I have used a piece of speedometer cable to measure the level of ATF in the bottom of the transmission pan. Listen for the 'thunk' at the pan bottom and go no further. You then approximate the temperature of the ATF and then go to a look-up chart to see what the proper level should be. If there are no external leaks, the ATF level may be OK. Use ATF+4 only.

The tool looks like this:

The chart is here:

These thermometers are handy:
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i went to the dealer for a transmission flush and fluid change. it was about $130, but the difference is night and day. i believe the service is recommended at 60k anyway. with regular service, the mercedes 5 speed is pretty bullet proof.
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