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Symptom: turn on the a/c, the radiator/condensor fan does not turn on. Low side pressure 25-30, high side 150. The condensor gets very hot, warm air blows out the vents. I don't have a service manual.

Should the fan turn on whenever the a/c is on? What could prevent that?

The van has never overheated. On the next hot day, I will look at the fan to see if it tuns on when the coolant gets hot.

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The high-side sounds low for the fan being off and you may have a refrigerant leak.
Normally the high-side should soar when the compressor engages to around 250 psi, then after the condenser fan kicks on it should drop to around 200 psi.
The high-side line should be warm to the touch and the low-side line should be cool to the touch.
The fan should kick on with a warm engine sitting idling for a few minutes with the hood down. You should be able to hear it come on.
A good scan tool may show the evaporator fin probe temperature and what the A/C pressure transducer is seeing for high-side pressure.
If the condenser fan doesn't come on then you may have lost refrigerant out of the high-pressure safety relief valve.
What do the pressures do when you bring the engine speed up?
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