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10-30 OR 10-40; WHY NOT 5-30

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I am fixing the oil pan on the 87 Shelby Z, I was checking some facts in. The manual and I spot WARNING about using 5w30 in ambient temperatures above 70 degrees F.

So what does the 2.2 turbo lkke better 10w30 or10w40?
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Interesting. My 84 turbo manual doesn't mention that. In fact, 10W-30 and 5W-30 offer the same viscosity and protection once it's up to operating temperature, so there is no difference, except 5W flows better in COLD weather. I would use (and do) 5W-30 in all weather that's below about 90-100F ambient. If routinely above 100F, I'd use 10W-40.

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Bob Lincoln, I took a second look at the manual, it was the Shadow manual. It must have something to do with 90 CSX.
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