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'14 GC 4x2 - trans banging into gear on downshift

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Only 5 passenger suv capable of towing over 5000 lbs. Recently purchased a 2014 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X2. After 70 miles transmission started banging into gear on downshift. Took it back to the dealer, MIL multiple codes, they determined the trans could not be fixed and Chrysler is sending a new one. Satisfied with dealer response, love the vehicle, don't love the problem. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Any thoughts on why this could have happened. According to what I have read the trans is used in both 4X4 and 4X2. Have not read any bad reports on the 8 speed trans, it is used in many high end vehicles.
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Interesting occurance, keep us posted.

Different vehicle and different trans but the same thing happens on my '12 Grand Caravan, although sounds like to a much lesser degree than what you've experienced. The tranny bangs when it downshifts into 3rd or 2nd usually when coming to a rolling stop coming off the freeway or in stop and go traffic.

Recall has been issued for a transmission software update for the minivans. I'm taking it in this weekend.

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Sorry for the initial bad luck. Knowing the fault codes would help us know what area of the transmission failed. Chrysler will want the unit back for failure analysis.
I don't think that the dealer's will do anything as involved as an overhaul on the ZF gearbox.
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