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Welcome to Allpar. The 1928-29 Q was the first real Chrysler-Plymouth and was derived from Maxwell roots. It later was referred to as a Plymouth. It gave Ford and Chevrolet new competition and was very nicely equipped for a 4-cylinder 'value' car entry. The model U replaced it.
The ID plate should be mounted on the dash and also on the right door hinge pillar. I see an ID range of #HL950P-HD999D. It should start with 2 letters, then 3 numbers and then a letter. This is info from the Hollander Interchange Classic search manual: 1920's-1948
My engine # information only goes back to 1931. You may want to investigate finding a shop manual for the car. It may have more specific information.
I agree that this is a rare and historic find.
I have never used gobookee and can't vouch for their services, but they may have the manual:
The WPC club may have a back-issue reprint featuring the 1929 Q (they feature a different Chrysler product each month). I don't know their policy on non-members, but by becoming a member it might open the door for more information and parts resources for the restoration.
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