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How can I decode body, paint, trim, engine and vin.# to authenticate this car before buying and where are these #'s located.Also , is there references to look at and compare interiors if the correct materials and patterns were used. Thanks for your feedback, Joe

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Welcome to Allpar. You may want either confirm ID #'s with a factory shop or parts manual or hire the services of an antique auto appraiser. You want protection if the car is being misrepresented to you. Is he claiming 100% original?
A professional appraiser can find this information for you and give you the facts on what you may be buying. The service manual may list available colors and trims, but maybe not show specific patterns, etc.
Does the seller have documents representing the authenticity of the car from a past appraisal? I would think that the burden of proof would lay with him and you would just have to confirm that proof.
A new car brochure or a feature article in a back issue of WPC News (they usually featured a different year/model each month) may help. I have a list of back issues somewhere and you may have to become a club member for this information or to get an issue of the WPC News on this car. I was a past member.
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