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1950 Chrysler spares

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Hi Guys,
Have just joined this forum from the UK. I've a 1950 Chysler Windsor DHC which I purchased a couple of weeks ago, great car but already she has got stuck in top gear and wont change out. Have removed gearbox, easy job but I am now struggling to know where I can get spares from for the gearbox rebuild. Its a presto-matic (I think you call it) 2 gears + overdrive in each gear would that be an M6 box.
Any help would be fantastic as I am along way away from all the guys with the knowledge and know how.
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You should be able to figure it all out with the info they have. It really is not that complicated a transmission. With the ttransmission at rest, the spring should push the shift sleeve to low range and you have to figure out why it isn't. Either stuck or spring is not working. That is pretty straight forward. Usually issues come up on this transmission with it not upshifting which is either oil pump or electrical side.
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