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Do you have a factory shop manual for your 1950 Coronet? It shows all dimensions and mounting points for the body.
I also have a 1950 Coronet Club Coup and am having it restored. The car does not need a different front end suspension.
A carefull restoration and replacing the tires with radials will give you a car that is easy to drive and quite pleasant
in town or highway. You can even upgrade the brakes to discs on the original suspension without too much expense
and mechanical work. Replacing the under floor master brake cylinder with firewall mounted one would be nice but
I believe more work than it is worth. If you work through your proposed changes carefully I believe you should
come to the conclusion that changing the engine and transmission is a lot more realistic than changing the frame.
You might want to consider a high performance version of the Slant 6 instead of a 318. GCW
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