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1951 DeSoto

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First of all, thanks for letting me join the community.
I am restoring a 1951 DeSoto s15-2. It's a lot of work and it takes time as the car was more rotten than I first saw, but it's often like that. Well, the frame has been fully restored and I have started to assemble the rear and front suspension. In connection with the front suspension, where is the best place to buy an overhaul kit for the control arms? Is the steering box the same as from the Chevrolet Vega?
Best regards from Norway
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Welcome to Allpar. I have used Kanter Auto for parts:

The manual steering gear on the Desoto was the same as the Chrysler 6-cyls. Mopar #1325116
I gave no interchange information other than to other Chrysler products. I would look for a rebuilder if the housing is still good or a good used/exchange one. Contact an operation like this one:

Joining a club like the WPC will probably put you in contact more old car restoration resources & fellowship:
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